What's Playing on Howard 100: Best of 2017

Tune in for some of the best moments from the Stern Show!

Monday January 1

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

U2’s Bono and the Edge on Creating Their Hits, Hanging With Springsteen and McCartney, and the Only Fight They’ve Ever Had

(Dec. 4, 2017)

Scarlett Johansson Lists Movie Roles She Lost out on and Tells Howard Her Surprising Celebrity Crush

(March 27, 2017)

Chris Robinson Wants to Make Music, Not Get the Black Crowes Into the Rock Hall of Fame

(May 16, 2017)

Jon Stewart Talks His Kids, His Animals, and the One Thing He Misses About Hosting ‘The Daily Show’

(Nov. 15, 2017)

Friday December 29

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Charlize Theron on Almost Turning Down 'Monster,' Training for 'Atomic Blonde,' and Finding a Man

(July 19, 2017)

Alec Baldwin on How He Pulls Off His 'SNL' President Trump Impression

(April 19, 2017)

William Patrick Corgan Reflects on Working With David Bowie, Covers Neil Young, and Sings the Smashing Pumpkins Hit ‘1979’ Live

(Oct. 16, 2017)

JB Smoove Knows Nice Clothes, Fire Extinguishers, and Why You Should Wash Your Hands Before Peeing

(Dec. 6, 2017)

Thursday December 28

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jerry Seinfeld Talks Celebs Who Originally Auditioned for ‘Seinfeld’ and Why There Won’t Be a Reboot

(Sept. 25, 2017)

John Mellencamp on the Pressures of Fame, Turning Down a Movie Role That Went to Brad Pitt, and Making New Music

(March 1, 2017)

Wendy Williams Likes Her Hip-Hop ‘Aggressive’ and Her Elevators Empty

(July 26, 2017)

James Franco Brings Tommy Wiseau to the Stern Show and Talks 'Disaster Artist'

(Dec. 5, 2017)

Wednesday December 27

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider Tell Old ‘SNL’ Stories: Top Guest Hosts, Becoming Stars, and the Best Sketch Cut From the Show

(April 12, 2017)

How New Kids on the Block Went From Playing Prisons to Selling Out Stadiums

(June 27, 2017)

Rosie O’Donnell on Her New Show ‘SMILF,’ the Movie Role She Still Wishes She Landed, and Dating Again in Her 50s

(Nov. 6, 2017)

Ike Barinholtz Tells On-Set Stories: From Giving Mindy Kaling a Pot Cookie to Getting Acting Lessons From Liam Neeson

(May 1, 2017)

Tuesday December 26

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Kelly Clarkson Performs a Live Stern Show Mini Concert: ‘Love So Soft,’ ‘Since U Been Gone,’ the Avril Lavigne-Penned ‘Breakaway,’ and More

(Nov. 1, 2017)

Denis Leary Returns with Stories of Being Mistaken for Kevin Bacon, Meeting Paul McCartney, and Running Into Keith Richards

(Oct. 23, 2017)

Gary Busey on Singing With Springsteen, Channeling Buddy Holly, and Accidentally Tripping on LSD During a ‘Kung Fu’ Fight Scene

(Nov. 14, 2017)

Seth Rogen Reveals the ‘Superbad’ Joke His Mom Wrote and Why Watching ‘Rogue One’ High on Edibles Was a Bad Idea

(June 19, 2017)

Monday December 25

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Marilyn Manson Talks Pilates, His Next Music Video With Johnny Depp, and How He and Trent Reznor Became Friends Again

(Sept. 19, 2017)

Sarah Silverman Returns: Her Near-Fatal Illness, Funny Facts About Squirrels, and Dating Michael Sheen Long-Distance

(Oct. 2, 2017)

Adam Levine Performs a Live Tribute to Chris Cornell With ‘Seasons’ Cover and Talks "The Voice" and Maroon 5's New Record

(Oct. 31, 2017)

Craig Ferguson Talks Going on a Date with Sharon Stone, His Relationship with David Letterman, and Getting Sober

(March 28, 2017)