Chris Wilding Fears He Could Soon Lose His Visa and Be Deported Back to Canada

“We’re gonna do everything we can and I’m trying to stay positive,” the Stern Show staffer tells Howard

One member of the Stern Show team is currently doing all he can to stay in America and continue working for Howard. Canada native Chris Wilding told Howard on Monday morning he’s having trouble renewing his visa and might be sent back north as soon as this summer.

“It’s a lot of stress,” Chris said. “We’re gonna do everything we can and I’m trying to stay positive.”

As diligent as Chris has been in submitting the necessary paperwork, his lawyer has explained his chances of staying in the country might not be so good, especially considering the current crackdown on immigration. A letter from a well-known American celebrity could help him in the renewal process but since Howard is the one who employs Chris, it can’t come from him. Nevertheless, Howard had nothing but praise for his foreign-born staffer.

“He’s one of a kind and we brought him over here from Canada. He’s one of my top guys,” Howard said on air.

Chris became emotional while thanking Howard for changing his life both as a Stern Show listener and a Stern Show employee. “This is my dream job,” he said through tears. “I never thought I’d be able to get here and work for you … to get here and then have to leave that would just fucking wreck me, man. It really would.”

“Do I have to marry him? Is that what we’re saying?” Robin Quivers asked, desperate to do anything to keep Chris in the country. As an out gay man, though, Chris doubted anyone in the State Department would be fooled by that plan.

But what if Chris wed his good friend Ralph Cirella? “I don’t know if I could marry him,” Howard’s stylist said over the phone with a laugh. “What am I getting out of it?”

Ralph and Chris have become very close lately, often spending hours on the phone with each other. Just this weekend, Chris told Ralph about a date he went on with a gentleman who suffered from phimosis – a condition that makes a man’s foreskin unretractable.

As a former nurse, Robin said she'd heard of phimosis before, but Howard was stunned to hear Chris describing all the graphic details of what he encountered that night.

“Is this helping or hurting the visa process?” Howard joked.