Booey 25: A Celebration

The 25th anniversary of Baba Booey is upon us -- take a look back through the ages at one of the most iconic executive producers in entertainment history

August 17, 2015

Click through the official Baba Booey Soundboard above for some of the best Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate drops of all-time!

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Photo: The Howard Stern Show

His Name Is Baba Booey.

You can hear the sound of those two words chanted by the masses on any given day in a variety of contexts. It’s a knowing tip of the hat to some, a rallying cry to others. Still more see it as a distinction — either you’re in on it or you’re not.

In all reality though, it was the type of slip-of-the-tongue by Stern Show Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate that has come to define him at times. This particular instance stems back to a 1990 discussion he was having on-air about a “Quick Draw McGraw” animation cel he was thinking of buying. He mistakenly thought Quick Draw’s sidekick (Baba Looey) was named Baba Booey — and the rest of the staff of course vowed to never let him live it down despite Gary’s insistence that he thought they’d “taken this as far as it will go.”

The Official Booey25 YouTube Playlist

Check out some of our favorite Baba Booey moments and be sure to chime in and let us know your favorite Booey-ism!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show
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