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MAY 24, 2004: Shuli Tries out for a Job

MAY 24, 2004: Shuli Tries out for a Job

Years before Shuli became part of the Howard 100 News Team he tried out for Stuttering John's Job in the 'Win John's Job' contest.His first contribution was the song parody 'Robin Crapped Her Pants' (to the Elton John song 'Benny and the Jets').He lost the job but won our hearts and has been an employee of the show since 2006.
  • We all adore you and you know it.

    Robert Downey Jr.
  • I think Howard will be remembered as a revolutionary, not just in radio or television, but as a pioneer of freedom of speech.

    Sarah Silverman
  • As a friend, [Howard’s] always there to support you whether you’re on top of the world or the world is on top of you.

    John Stamos
  • Howard, to me, is the guy who said, ‘be yourself and let the chips fall where they may,’ and that made me feel good. So I owe you a lot, Howard.

    Louis C.K.
  • Howard, you are absolutely phenomenal. You’re on my radio every morning.

    Bryan Cranston