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OCTOBER 6, 2004: We're Going to Eh Eh Eh

OCTOBER 6, 2004: We're Going to Eh Eh Eh

On this date in 2004, Howard announced that he was doing the unthinkable - leaving the radio. But the show wasn't over, he was taking it to Sirius Satellite Radio. Howard had been approached around 2000 to bring the show over to satellite, but he didn't feel the platform had matured enough. When it was time to consider his next move a few years later, he felt it was time to do the uncensored, long form show he'd always wanted to do.
  • Howard's an icon of the radio business. One of the bigs of all time. And there's a reason for it...he’s an original.

    Jon Bon Jovi
  • I think Howard will be remembered as a revolutionary, not just in radio or television, but as a pioneer of freedom of speech.

    Sarah Silverman
  • I truly believe that Howard's had an incredible effect on history and I think in the future it'll be recognized even more.

    David Arquette
  • I adore him. Whenever they say you're going to Howard's show, I go 'OK!' It's so much fun, it's such a level of humor and truth and revelation. It's a pleasure to do his show.

  • I still feel like I gotta prove something. There are a lot of people hoping I fail. But I like that. I need to be hated.

    Howard Stern