This day in Howard History


You wouldn't think newswoman Robin Quivers could surprise us after almost 30 years on the air, but her appearance on "Celebrity Jeopardy" on this date in 2009 was so outrageously entertaining that she had the world buzzing once again. The smartest woman in the world was playing against "Malcolm in the Middle" star Jane Kaczmarek and "Modern Family's" Julie Bowen. During the first segment, our heroine didn't answer one question; she was psyching her opponents out. Finally, at the end of segment two, she swooped in by correctly identifying the movie "Get Smart." The race was on! Shockingly, she wouldn't even correctly identify the bird "robin" by its description, but she kept playing. Finally, it all came down to one question, about a director whose work is classified as so cheesy that his name is jokingly followed by the suffix "-corn." The answer was Frank Capra, but our girl confidently wrote "Who is Pon?" You remember the great director Pon. She ended up losing everything but Stern fans gained yet another memorable Robin moment.
  • Can I just say, I’m a little tired, Howard, of people telling me you’re the greatest interviewer on the planet. It’s getting a little aggravating Howard.

    Katie Couric
  • I’ve been listening to the show for a long time. I hang on every word. Howard has given me so much over the years through the radio.

    Jimmy Kimmel
  • I have to thank you. A lot of people know my story from your show. You guys gave me an opportunity to actually talk about my life.

  • Howard, you are absolutely phenomenal. You’re on my radio every morning.

    Bryan Cranston
  • Howard, to me, is the guy who said, ‘be yourself and let the chips fall where they may,’ and that made me feel good. So I owe you a lot, Howard.

    Louis C.K.