VIDEO: JD Struggles With French Lessons Ahead of Trip to Paris

“JD is so bad at English I was hoping French would be his thing,” Howard jokes of Stern Show staffer

June 27, 2024

Stern Show staffer JD Harmeyer has agreed to travel to Paris with friend and co-worker Jon Blitt this summer and he’s already having regrets. “He won’t tell me anything of what we’re doing — he won’t even show me where we’re staying,” he complained to Howard on Tuesday. “He keeps telling me he’s going to come into my room at night and record me.”

Attempting to make the trip easier, JD took lessons in the French language but, as Howard played clips, a struggle was evident. “A French accent isn’t the same as speaking French,” Howard realized early on. “JD is so bad at English I was hoping French would be his thing.”

Things didn’t go any better when JD tried rolling his R’s. “It sounds like a dopey motorboat,” Howard observed. “She was covered in phlegm, that teacher.”

But despite struggling with exercises like explaining what he does for a living, JD’s teacher was quite encouraging. “She says ‘excellent’ to anything he says,” co-host Robin Quivers noticed.

At one point, JD explained to Howard that the sessions were so taxing, they left him practically breathless. “The level of words and how to say them … I had two lessons, and I was stressed out after each one,” he admitted. “Blitt wanted to talk to me afterwards and I was like, ‘I can’t do it.’”

“He broke a sweat during both lessons,” Blitt revealed.

“You sound miserable in that lesson — I mean, that’s a hard language,” Howard added. “I can’t wait to hear about that trip.”

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