VIDEO: JD Bares Almost All After Going Speedo Shopping in Miami

“You should have seen him strutting around the store, doing twirls,” co-worker Jon Blitt tells Howard

May 2, 2023

Despite his initial objections, Stern Show staffer JD Harmeyer agreed to go Speedo shopping with friend and colleague Jon Blitt while in Miami and the feedback has been surprisingly favorable.

“He looked great,” Blitt told Howard on Monday of seeing JD in his bikini bottom. “You should have seen him strutting around the store, doing twirls … He’s always wanted to wear a Speedo — he was a big fan of [Olympic diver] Greg Louganis as a kid.”

“JD doesn’t look too bad in that blue number,” Howard said after seeing a picture of his staffer.

“Oh, that’s not terrible,” co-host Robin Quivers added.

Despite the favorable reviews, JD admitted he was out of his comfort zone during the process. “I want to be a team player, obviously, but I am very uncomfortable with how I look,” he revealed. “I’m not a Speedo guy.”

At one point in the dressing room, the longtime staffer could be heard complaining. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me … if I adjust these things like just a little bit my ball pops out,” he said. “It looks like panties.”

JD might have objected, but co-worker Chris Wilding sang his praises. “JD’s got a big package,” he marveled. “I always suspected he had a big cock, and I think what he has is really big balls.”

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