Jon Blitt Proposes to JD Harmeyer on Their Flight Back From Los Angeles

Staffer pranks colleague at the end of their star-studded Super Bowl adventure

February 22, 2022

JD Harmeyer buckled up for a bumpy return flight from Los Angeles after his prank-loving colleague and Super Bowl travel companion Jon Blitt announced plans to commandeer the onboard microphone and embarrass JD—who is happily married and openly straight—with a wedding proposal at 35,000 feet.

“As soon as we got to the gate … he’s walking away from me, and I try to have eyes on him or whatever … I was like, ‘God dammit. This is really going to fucking happen, isn’t it?’” JD told Howard Tuesday morning, explaining things got more intense once they boarded the plane. “Every time he got up, I knew something was happening,”

“I’d always straddle him, romantically, when I got out of the seat,” Jon agreed before revealing the innerworkings of his elaborate scheme which included wining and dining JD with a 23-course Japanese feast the night before so he could kiss him at the restaurant, snap a picture, and have something to show the flight attendants to make their romance seem more authentic.

“I didn’t realize it was all part of this whole fucking master plan of his,” JD said of their swanky night out.

The master plan evidently worked. Not only did the flight crew hand the mic over to Blitt midair, but they also blew up balloons, constructed cocktail napkin-confetti (which they threw on JD’s head), and served the seemingly happy couple complementary Prosecco.

“[They] said, ‘We’ve been working for the airline so many years and we’ve never been part of a mid-air proposal,’” Jon recounted. “Everyone was excited and so sweet.”

Howard then played a clip of the prank proposal, which happened somewhere over Kansas and included a heartfelt speech from Jon, a rousing ovation from the crowd, and a surly reaction from JD.

“What is going through your mind as he is proposing?” Howard asked JD.

“I was just trying to ignore him. I was just like, ‘Let me find something on the TV,’” JD said, explaining he was asked to stand up during the proposal but refused. “I gave [Jon] a thumbs up and said, ‘Get back here. Get back to your fucking seat.’”

It ultimately proved to be a trying trip out west for JD, who not only had to endure his beloved Cincinnati Bengals blowing a fourth-quarter lead in the big game but also a week’s worth of pranks and scrutinization from Jon.

“Going to the Super Bowl is a once in a lifetime experience. Was it worth it?” Howard asked.

“It would have been a lot more worth it if the Bengals had won, but after they lost it was just, it was just—I mean, what am I going to do? I’m fucking dealing with a maniac,” JD laughed.