VIDEO: JD Can’t Stand the Heat During His 1st Trip to a Russian Bathhouse

“I thought it would be good for his body, his mind, and his health — and, yes, good radio,” his colleague Jonathan Blitt says

April 4, 2023

Back office colleagues and real-life friends Jon Blitt and JD Harmeyer have embarked upon a variety of memorable escapades in recent years, from fake wedding proposals at 30,000 feet to dinner parties at the home of Stern Show celebrity superfan Natalie Maines.

“They make a good pair because Jon is up for anything, and JD is up for nothing,” Howard said with a laugh before recounting the duo’s latest misadventure: a day at the Russian and Turkish Baths, a legendary bathhouse boasting steam rooms, saunas, heat rooms, and a cold plunge pool.

“I thought it would be good for his body, his mind, and his health — and, yes, good radio,” Jon said of his idea to take JD to the bathhouse, explaining he didn’t tell JD where they were headed beforehand but did ask him to pack an assortment of items—including red herrings like warm socks and formal wear.

Their first stop in the bathhouse was a Russian Heat Room, which immediately proved too warm for JD. “Blitt, I can’t handle this dude,” JD said while cursing up a storm. “I can’t even breathe.”

Co-host Robin Quivers empathized with him. “I’ve been there, and you can’t imagine how hot these rooms are,” she said, adding, “JD is a prolific sweater anyway … How’s he supposed to survive this?”

Blitt tried making the situation more bearable by giving JD a banya hat to wear in the sauna and then by dumping buckets of cold water on his head, but it didn’t work. “I thought my skin was going to burn off,” JD told Howard.

After the hot room, JD went for a Platza — a treatment which involves getting repeatedly whacked with a bundle of oak leaves. The experience proved so relaxing that he opened up to Blitt about everything from his thoughts on “Real Housewives” to memories of his first orgasm.

Following their spa treatments, Jon rewarded JD with beer, weed, and authentic Russian food on the bathhouse’s rooftop terrace. JD liked most of the food but found the kasha, a.k.a. roasted buckwheat, too dry. When Jon suggested they call over the chef to complain, JD went into a panicked tailspin. Despite promises of relaxation, the day proved to be a largely torturous one for JD. “Thank you for enlightening me. I’ll never do this again,” he told Jon after their experience.

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