VIDEO: What Is the Greatest News Flub of All Time?

Howard and Stern Show staffers analyze some of the major errors in broadcast history

June 14, 2024

The Stern Show has long celebrated some rather memorable guffaws in the world of televised journalism. On Tuesday, Howard and several staffers debated on the greatest news flub of all time.

Executive producer Gary Dell’Abate kicked things off with a 1980s classic — when NBC News reporter Emery King, unaware he was live, was rather flippant in his response to anchor Connie Chung. “This one I love because it’s so early — it’s before the internet … it’s all just so real and genuine,” the radio veteran said before offering his own advice. “You should always just figure you’re live on the air.”

“That is the greatest news flub of all time,” Howard agreed. “You can’t top that one … I never get tired of it.”

But the argument didn’t end there. When Will Murray nominated an early viral clip of a reporter falling down while stomping on grapes at a winery, both Howard and co-host Robin Quivers approved. “This might be right up there with the Emery King one,” Howard noted of the entry.

“She’s screaming like a farm animal,” Robin added.

After Sal Governale introduced a “New York Classic” from former WNBC anchor Sue Simmons, Jon Hein mentioned an instance from another Big Apple news veteran – Ernie Anastos. “He had this really bizarre response to a weather anchor’s forecast,” Jon said of when Anastos appeared to reference a Purdue ad when he said, “Keep fucking that chicken. “He got excited about that chicken.”

For Jason Kaplan, the clear winner was an on-air fight between anchor Jim Ryan and reporter Dick Oliver, who clearly had some tension brewing between each other. “It’s not even really a flub, it’s just two people who fucking hate each other and it just spills out on air,” he explained.

JD Harmeyer’s top choice was of an anchor who appeared intoxicated during an evening broadcast, but no one else agreed. “I gotta call bullshit on this one – I don’t think she sounds that bad,” Howard said in opposition. “I don’t think this goes down as one of the greatest.”

“We’ve got to do JD’s greatest flubs now,” Robin suggested.

“You’re listening to it,” Sal teased of his colleague.

Check out more flubs (above).

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