AUDIO: Matt Friend’s ‘Howard’ Shoehorns 37 ‘Rights’ Into New Phony Phone Call

“Try to take your medication as prescribed,” frustrated Dial-a-Trade host suggests

June 10, 2024
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Matt Friend’s Howard Stern impression has already driven Howard crazy. Now, a Dial-a-Trade host is sharing the same sentiment. On Monday, the Stern Show debuted a new phony phone call where the comedian sees how many times — as Howard — he can squeeze the word “right” into the conversation.

“Right, this is Howard.  I’m selling equipment you can use to write, right? Right, right,” Matt said to the host before eventually uttering the magic word a total of 37 times. “I’m selling a case of Diet Rite, right.”

“He needs some help,” the radio show host said at one point before hanging up. “Try to take your medication as prescribed.”

After a barrage of quick calls from Matt in character, the host had enough. “Just so our listeners know, we know who that is,” he threatened. “It’s called ‘Unknown’ or ‘Blocked’ — which usually means ‘moron.’”

Listen to the full call (below).

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