AUDIO: Dial-a-Trade Show Gets Inundated With Dropped Calls in New Prank

“It’s something to do with the cell tower configuration,” an aggravated host theorizes

May 13, 2024
Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

When Richard Christy observed that a Dial-a-Trade radio show host was constantly having issues with dropped calls, he saw an opportunity. On Monday, Howard debuted the Stern Show staffer’s latest prank call in which he exploits that vulnerability for full comedic effect.

After one caller was disconnected while trying to sell trash cans, Richard stepped in. “If you ain’t got a good cell phone signal you shouldn’t even be calling,” he complained to the host, Tommy, before almost immediately hanging up.

A few failed calls later, the host struggled to keep his composure while offering his theory on the problem. “It’s something to do with the cell tower configuration and all the things that go on out there in the wide, wide world of air,” he guessed.

Finally, after calling and dropping several more times, Richard took things up a few notches. “Tommy, this time my call is not dropping — I actually climbed up a cell tower and I’m at the very top right now next to the antenna,” he said before meeting his ultimate demise. “Oh no, I’m slipping, Tommy!”

“Well, I believe we’ve ruled out the proximity to a cell tower,” the host remarked.

Listen to the full call (below).