A Cheating Husband Calls the Stern Show Asking for Advice

“I love another woman, and I don’t know what to do,” the caller says

May 8, 2024
Photo: Getty Images

Toward the end of Wednesday’s show, Howard fielded a call from a cheating husband and father of two in desperate need of advice. “I have an issue,” the man began. “I’m no longer in love with my wife, and I love another woman, and I don’t know what to do.”

The caller told Howard and co-host Robin Quivers he’d been carrying on an affair with an attractive younger woman for about a year now, and the situation was becoming untenable. “I’m starting to love her, and she’s trying to pull away from me, and it’s very hard for me,” the man said, adding, “I think she loves me — because we have said it — but I think she kind of knows my situation and wants to distance herself from it.”

To Howard’s mind, the guy had three options: He could stay miserable in his marriage until his kids reach 18 and then seek a divorce, he could fake his own death and move to Europe, or he could speak to his wife about how he was feeling. Howard personally thought honesty was the best policy. “I think his wife deserves to know he’s no longer in love — and let her go find some love,” he said.

“What about saying, ‘Our marriage has gotten stale … is there something we can do?’” Robin suggested.

Howard and Robin weren’t the only ones with advice, either. “There’s 3,000 people on the phone right now,” Howard said as he fielded calls from men, women, and even a couples’ counselor with wildly differing opinions.

“His poor wife. She is at home, taking care of his two children. Nobody has a romantic relationship when you have toddlers at home,” one woman opined. “It’s the hardest time on any marriage, and this guy is running around [with] other women. It’s heartbreaking.”

“It’s a mess,” Howard agreed.