Comedians Matt Friend and Austin Nasso Channel Trump, DeSantis, and More in Impromptu Impression Battle

“This is clearly the woke DeSantis, and I can tell this DeSantis loves Epcot Center,” Austin’s DeSantis charges during Stern Show appearance

May 19, 2023

Comedian Matt Friend returned to the Stern Show on Tuesday, showing off his impressions of Howard, Donald Trump, and others. But when he went into his take on Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, fellow comic Austin Nasso stepped in. “He’s going around and he’s pretending to be me, but I’m the real Ron DeSantis,” he charged. “This is clearly the woke DeSantis, and I can tell this DeSantis loves Epcot Center.”

Things got more heated with the two’s dueling Trumps. “They call him Matt Friend, he doesn’t have any friends, by the way,” Austin as Trump taunted. “Why don’t you go as Matt Virgin?”

“I want to build a wall around that impression,” Matt joked before heaping praise on Austin’s take, while still in character. “It’s very good. Really, it’s not bad. He’s doing a great job.”

Both Friend and Nasso slipped out of character long enough to explain their approaches to the popular impression. “It’s a lot in the teeth, you have to suck in the bottom … and you’ve … got to suck like no one’s seen,” Austin noted. “Trump has such an interesting nuance. He always looks like he just bumped into his ex-girlfriend … he’s so defensive.”

“The key to doing a Trump impression is to just mispronounce all the main characters’ names and all the key words in any story you’re telling,” Matt added. “I do him summarizing the main plot of “Harry Potter.”

Despite the competition, both comedians, who met in the TikTok world, insisted they’re supportive of one another. “We’re just joking around, Austin’s great,” Matt revealed.

“Matt’s crushing it,” Austin agreed. “I admire what Matt is doing.”

“Just watching you guys do your thing back and forth is kind of fun,” Howard said in praise of both comics.

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