Howard Chats With Comedian and Howard Stern Impersonator Matt Friend

24-year-old funnyman attempts to fool Tan Mom and Bigfoot

October 5, 2022

Stern Show listeners were treated to a double dose of Howard on Wednesday morning as the King of All Media welcomed comedian and social media star Matt Friend onto the air. The 24-year-old funnyman is well known for a litany of different impressions, including a wig and glasses-clad one he does of Howard.

“He’s got a quality in his impression that’s right on,” the real Howard remarked, explaining it’s so spot-on he sometimes hears it in his own head as he’s talking.

Co-host Robin Quivers was captivated after hearing a few clips from Friend’s repertoire, including ones where he chatted with real-life versions of Jimmy Kimmel and John Stamos and another where he broke out the Howard impression on “The Today Show.”

“I hear what you’re doing, and I think you’re on to something,” Howard told Friend as he welcomed him onto the air.

Friend – who spent most of the conversation in character as Howard – was appreciative of both the support and the opportunity to chat with the real Howard on the air. “You’re one beat away from Alan Alda,” Friend told Howard of his voice, explaining he became a fan of the show when he was a kid and has spent years trying to master the impression.

“A lot of people had tried to do me over the years, and they’ve not had a lot of success, but I gotta say for my money … I think you’re onto something,” Howard told Friend before inviting him to try out his impression on unsuspecting Wack Packers.

Bigfoot and Tan Mom were all too happy to get on the air. When talking to Bigfoot, Friend asked several probing questions. “What’s the worst thing you’ve done?” he said as “Howard.” “It’s the Jewish holiday – we’re doing a lot of repenting.”

“I’m not ashamed of nothing. I did everything for a reason.” Bigfoot replied before admitting he had no idea he was chatting with an impressionist.

Friend had a little less success in talking to Tan Mom about Jimmy Kimmel, however. While the conversation went smoothly, she claimed not to have been fooled. “I definitely didn’t think that was Howard,” the Wack Packer told him. “I’ve talked to Howard before.”