JD Harmeyer Survived Canoeing Down the Delaware River … but Was Almost Taken out Drinking Water

“The whole four hours, my shoes were soaked … he said that it was going to be like a nice smooth ride,” he complains of his trip with Stern Show staffer Jon Blitt

February 8, 2024

Jon Blitt is determined to make Stern Show colleague JD Harmeyer one with the water. After stints at a Russian bathhouse and adorning Speedos together in Miami, the two recalled on Tuesday their recent trip canoeing down the Delaware River. Howard, who has experience paddling the waterway from his days as a camp counselor, was immediately concerned. “JD is a terrible swimmer — I saw the guy almost drown in a kiddie pool,” he said of his staffer’s buoyancy issues.

After struggling to secure his life jacket, JD’s next issue came almost immediately when the Delaware infiltrated their vessel. “The water was in the damn thing … the whole four hours, my shoes were soaked,” he complained before indicating Blitt had deceived him. “He said that it was going to be like a nice, smooth ride.”

“The Delaware River is no cake walk,” Howard noted of his own experiences.

Despite the hurdles early on, JD was able to make it to camp in one piece. Unfortunately, things took a dramatic turn when he began to choke on the water he was drinking. “Water is not your friend,” Howard observed. “You made it through three and a half hours of the rapids … only to be killed by a glass of water.”

Check out more of JD and Blitt’s trip (above).