Jon Blitt Drops $1150 on a Fancy Dinner With JD Harmeyer

“This guy loves caviar like no other person,” Blitt says of his Stern Show colleague

February 29, 2024

JD Harmeyer might be known for his love of Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, but he sure does have expensive taste. On Tuesday, it was revealed that fellow Stern Show staffer Jon Blitt treated him to an elaborate dinner that cost $1,150.

“JD is a caviar aficionado. This guy loves caviar like no other person,” Blitt told Howard of why he took his co-worker to an upscale restaurant with a signature caviar hand roll made tableside.

“Who would even think that JD would get sophisticated enough to eat fish eggs?” a surprised Howard noted.

The hand roll was the tip of the iceberg. In addition to four bottles of expensive of champagne and wine, the two friends split Hamachi crudo, Murray cod, short ribs, and much more.

“You two ate a farm’s worth of animals,” Howard observed.

“That sounds like a lot of food for two people,” co-host Robin Quivers added.

JD — who was inebriated from the drinks as well as weed edibles he took earlier — then gave reviews of some of the items. “Very summery … good shit,” he said of the crudo before commenting on a $225 bottle of wine. “[It] smells okay … it smells like a nice little wine.”

After Blitt pulled yet another prank on JD, in which he told restaurant goers that his colleague was about to meet his teenage son he gave up for adoption, JD eventually spent the night at his house. “Me and Blitt have a code … he knows not to fuck with me when I’m asleep,” the staffer said of why he was comfortable staying over.

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