Whitney Cummings: Rough Sex, Frozen Eggs, and What Chris Rock Said About Her Hair

"Any notes Chris has for me, I'm going to take," the comedian tells Howard Stern

January 20, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

With her first HBO comedy special, “I’m Your Girlfriend,” just around the corner, Whitney Cummings returned to the Stern Show Wednesday morning to talk about what’s going on in her life these days, including a new boyfriend, new sexual experiences, and a new way of wearing her hair after something Chris Rock said to her.

Here are the highlights from Whitney’s interview with Howard:

A Note From Chris Rock

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

With a slew of acclaimed comedy specials already on his resume, Chris Rock knows a thing or two about putting together a great standup set — which is why when Whitney received some advice from Rock, she made sure to listen.

“Any notes Chris has for me, I’m going to take,” Whitney said. Chris’ sole suggestion to Cummings: Wear her hair down in her new special. Tune in to “I’m Your Girlfriend” on Jan. 23 and you’ll see Whitney’s long locks are indeed down – a new look for her.

Howard agreed with Rock’s advice, telling Whitney that he too thinks she looks great with her hair down.

“Chris emailed me – he thinks you should go panty-less in your next special,” Howard joked.

Sex in Her 20s vs. Sex in Her 30s

Whitney wanted Howard to know that her sex life had gotten a lot rougher since she crossed into her 30s but not because of her age – it’s because of her bank account.

“I think sex is a lot about restoring a power dynamic,” Whitney explained to Howard, saying that men used to coddle her in her 20s, but now that she has money, sex seems to be much more violent than it used to.

“I’m getting spanked, I’m getting choked, I’m getting the shit beat out of me,” Whitney admitted.

And whereas anal sex used to be a rarity in a relationship, Whitney says now men consider it to be, “second base.”

“It’s always just a countdown to when it’s going to happen,” Whitney said. For her, being ready for anal sex comes down to whether or not you have trust in your relationship, since things can go “horribly wrong” during it.

Frozen Cummings

At 33, Whitney is in her prime childbearing years. Having a baby right this second is not an option though, so she recently decided to have some of her eggs frozen – a more difficult and painful process than one might believe.

After several rounds of hormone shots, doctors were able to retrieve 18 eggs out of Whitney, though one would have most likely produced a “retarded” child, she explained. Afterwards, Whitney was bedridden for several days but the procedure was something she felt she had to do.

“I’m worried that because of this timeline that we all kind of have that I’m going to settle for someone who isn’t right because I’m running out of time,” she told Howard.

Whitney also felt good about her decision since she spotted Kim Kardashian in her doctor’s waiting room. The question now though is what will Whitney do with her eggs? Howard suggested a contest giving listeners a chance to win one.

“[Or] you should sit on them like a hen and see what happens,” Howard said.

Her New Doctor Boyfriend

Now that her eggs are on ice and ready to be fertilized, it seems like Whitney may have found the right man to plant his seed in them. She confirmed to Howard that she is seeing a new dude – a medical doctor.

“I’m closer to knowing what love is supposed to feel like,” Whitney told Howard.

Before embarking in this new relationship, Whitney took a break from dating, telling Howard, “I took 10 months. I went on the bench.” Her decision came after she was cheated on last year by her then-boyfriend.

“It hurts even more because I used to cheat in my 20s,” Whitney admitted.

She found out her boyfriend was being unfaithful after she was holding his cell phone as he received a text message from someone named “Sandy-licious.”

“I came up as ‘Brunette Loud,'” Whitney joked. Her time away from men allowed her to work on some of her own internal issues, however.

“I’m being normal,” Whitney said. “I’m working really, really hard at keeping my demons in check. I’m no longer going to men to fix me.”

Listen to Whitney on the Stern Show below.

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