When Howard Met Mark the Bagger (And His Uncut ‘Hooded Cobra’)

10 years ago, the popular Wack Packer whipped it out on the Stern Show

March 25, 2016
Mark the Bagger's Stern Show debut: Jan. 26, 2006 Mark the Bagger’s Stern Show debut: Jan. 26, 2006 Photo: The Howard Stern Show

One never knows where and when a Wack Packer will be discovered, but the moment Howard heard Mark the Bagger speak he knew he’d found the group’s newest inductee. Howard and Mark’s memorable meeting occurred after Bloodhound Gang’s Jimmy Pop and Jared Hasselhoff insisted that Mark come into the studio during their Stern Show interview.

“He works at the grocery store near us,” Jimmy told Howard. Grinning widely and wearing a 30 and Still Frisky T-shirt, Mark stepped up to the mic and told Howard that he worked as a grocery store bagger, lived at home with his mother, and had been sexually active with both men and women.

“I’ll take what I can get,” Mark said, admitting to having sex with three or four females and at least two guys.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“I caught,” Mark answered after being asked who was the top and who was the bottom. Mark said the penetration didn’t hurt and that the other guy was a good kisser.

It’s probably for the best that Mark was on the receiving end since he soon revealed that there’s a lot swinging between his own legs. Jimmy convinced Howard that he should see Mark’s “hooded cobra” and seconds later, Mark’s uncut penis was hanging out of his pants.

“You were blessed with a lot of size,” Howard remarked upon seeing Mark’s member.

“I want you to blow me, Howard,” Mark confessed.

“I’m not blowing you, but you’re terrific,” Howard replied with a laugh.

In the 10 years since making his Stern Show debut, Mark has made several other memorable on-air appearances and become one of the most beloved members of the Wack Pack. He’ll be back with Howard on Monday morning for what we can only assume will be another wild and crazy visit.

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