The Satanic Temple of NYC Really Wants an After School Club

Devil-worshipping outfit explains why children should be instilled with Satanic values at a young age

August 5, 2016
Photo: Facebook

After school, most children participate in youth sports, join drama clubs, or learn the trombone. But there may soon be a new option: Satan.

The New York Post reports the Satanic Temple of New York City is trying to start the After School Satan Club, a city-sanctioned program for children five to 12.

But it may not be what you think.

According to the group’s co-founder Lucien Greaves, the program will show a kinder, gentler side of Satanism. He tells the Post, “This [program] teaches kids you can embrace the iconography of Satan and still lead a moral life.”

There will also be reading lessons. And snacks.

While the Department of Education has rules which prohibit groups that preach hate and discrimination, a city spokesman told the Post that nothing in the Satanic Temple’s group mission statement suggests they would cross those lines.

The only caveat seems to be the need for a teacher to sponsor the group. Also, the kids are going to need signed permission slips.

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