Video: Meet the 700-Pound Model Who Wants to Be ‘Fattest Woman in the World’

Monica is funnel-fed by her boyfriend in order to someday become completely immobile

September 7, 2016

An already morbidly-obese woman has her sights set on becoming the fattest woman in the world. Monica Riley, 27, currently weighs 700 pounds but says she wants to reach 1,000 pounds and become completely immobile.

“What attracts me to being immobile is, you get to be like a queen,” Monica told Barcroft TV. “Like back in the Egyptian ages where like, the fatter you were, the more loved you were.”

In order to achieve her goal, Monica eats between 6,000 and 8,000 calories every day, often being funnel-fed by her boyfriend Sidney. For the couple, Monica’s weight is a turn-on.

“It’s a sexual fantasy for us and we talk about it a lot,” Monica said. “He already has to help me get off the sofa and get me out of bed.” She also confessed to being able to get off just by having her belly button rubbed.

Sid isn’t alone in finding Monica attractive. She also models on websites for “Big Beautiful Women,” where users pay up to $600 for a photoshoot. Certain customers will also send her money for Monica to buy food with. In return, she sends them videos of her eating.

Before her boyfriend, Monica was photographed by her teenage stepbrother Joseph.

“It did feel strange, a little bit, at first, but after a little bit of getting used to, it just felt normal,” Joseph said.

Watch the video above to see Monica tell her mom of her intention to become as heavy as possible.

And click here to read more about what the model eats every day.

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