Video: NFL Gets Hit With the ‘Hyde’ During Cowboys-49ers Game

Hear Joe Buck use the Stern Show catchphrase after Carlos Hyde’s TD score

October 3, 2016
Photo: AP

The NFL and the Howard Stern Show were blended together on Sunday thanks to Fox sportscaster Joe Buck. While calling the Cowboys-49ers game, Buck put his own spin on the ever-popular “Hit ’em with the Hein” catchphrase following a 3-yard touchdown run from Carlos Hyde.

“The 49ers hit ’em with the Hyde,” Buck said on air. Check out the video (below).

“Hit ’em with the Hein” had previously been uttered during a handful of preseason NFL games, but it’s believed this is the first time the Stern Show shout-out has been used during a regular season broadcast. Hyde’s TD put San Francisco up by 14 points but the home team would end up losing to the Cowboys by a score of 24-17.

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