How Well Do You Know Dana Carvey’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Characters?

The Stern Show guest portrayed a number of iconic characters on NBC's sketch comedy series from 1986 to 1993 and later as guest host. How well do you remember them?

October 27, 2016

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  • 1. Did Dana Carvey play Hans or Franz opposite Kevin Nealon?

    Photo: NBC
    • Hans

    • Franz

  • 2. What’s the opening line of Derek Stevens’ (Carvey) stirring piano ballad “The Lady I Know” (aka “Choppin’ Broccoli”)?

    Photo: NBC
    • I gotta take a little time, to read between the lines, but now I’m going blind.

    • So long, I’ve been looking too hard, if my heart’s a credit card you can charge me.

    • Standing in the rain, I can taste your pain, it’s insane.

    • She’s cold as ice, paradise, and the feeling was so nice.

  • 3. On what community access channel did Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) and Garth Algar (Carvey) broadcast “Wayne’s World”?

    Photo: NBC
    • Channel 66

    • Cable 10

    • WRWK Aurora

    • Channel 02

  • 4. Which of these wasn’t a catchphrase Dana used while playing President George H. W. Bush?

    Photo: NBC
    • “Read my lips”

    • “Thousand points of light”

    • “Wouldn’t be prudent”

    • “Not gonna do it”

  • 5. What was the Church Lady’s real name?

    Photo: NBC
    • Betty Grindle

    • Helen Cowley

    • Enid Strict

    • The Church Lady

  • 6. Dana licked the face of this 1991 guest host while playing the pervy maître d’ of Il Cantore.

    Photo: NBC
    • Photo: NBC

      Mary Stuart Masterson

    • Photo: NBC

      Kirstie Alley

    • Photo: NBC

      Sharon Stone

    • Photo: NBC

      Macaulay Culkin

  • 7. Dana returned to the show for his first guest hosting stint in 1994. Which of these iconic characters didn’t he reprise?

    • Photo: NBC

      Garth Algar

    • Photo: NBC


    • Photo: NBC

      Johnny Carson

    • Photo: NBC

      Ross Perot

  • 8. When he returned to host again in 1996, Dana’s musical monologue featured many of his old characters as well as ______.

    Guest host question 2 TK
    • Photo: NBC

      Goat Boy

    • Photo: NBC

      Arianna, the Spartan Cheerleader

    • Photo: NBC

      Leon Phelps

    • Photo: NBC

      Mary Katherine Gallagher

  • 9. Dana was in character as _______ when he told “Weekend Update” host Dennis Miller “my butt will not be trifled with!”

    • Photo: NBC

      The Grumpy Old Man

    • Photo: NBC

      Casey Kasem

    • Photo: NBC

      George Michael

    • Photo: NBC

      Larry Roman

  • 10. As Massive Headwound Harry, Carvey went to a party and dipped his bleeding head in _______.

    Photo: NBC
    • A Bowl of Shrimp

    • Fruit Punch

    • The Toilet

    • French Onion Dip

  • 11. As John McLaughlin, Carvey once ended a “SNL” cold open and kicked off the show with this unexpected line.

    Photo: NBC
    • “Live from D.C., it’s Saturday night!”

    • “Excuse me, Pat Buchanan still has the floor!”

    • “Show, show, show, here we go!”

    • “Wrong! Next issue!”

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