Video: David Ross Crotch Bumps With Teammates After World Series Home Run

The 39-year-old Chicago Cubs catcher performed a unique celebration ritual during Wednesday's Game 7

November 3, 2016
Photo: MLB

Baseball is a game of rituals, from the way a player prepares for each at bat, to various methods of celebration after a particularly meaningful hit. During last night’s historic World Series Game 7, 39-year-old catcher David Ross demonstrated his unique celebration ritual: bumping penises with his teammates.

After hitting his 6th inning home run gave the Cubs a 6-3 lead, Ross returned to the dugout for share celebratory crotch bumps with a procession of teammates. The ritual evidently started earlier in the season, according to Reddit.

The home run capped a memorable World Series for fan and teammate-favorite Ross, who also got a shout out in Game 5 from “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” singer Eddie Vedder. Game 7 was likely the last in Ross’s career, as he already announced he’d be retiring after the 2016 season.

Take a look at the Cubs groin-based celebration (below).

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