There Are New Jeans Specifically for Dudes With Giant Dongs

Mugsy Jeans' new FLx line has been designed for the well-endowed man in your life

November 16, 2016
Photo: MugsyJeans

Are ordinary jeans too constricting for your member (or do you at least like to tell people this is the case)? Mugsy Jeans may have the answer.

Many cuts of jeans leave a man minimal crotch space, especially skinny jeans and the like, but Mugsy Jeans founder Leo Tropeano has just released FLx line, a more accommodating cut of jeans which allows for ample wang space without sacrificing style. FLx comes in three washes — the Hamm’s, the Kinzies, and the Studio Blues. All retail for a cool $98.

According to these actual reviews gathered by Esquire, the FLx works wonders:

Literally the most comfortable jeans I have worn. I am 6’6″, have huge legs, and a correspondingly large piece.
Makes it tough to go back to my old jeans as they now feel so stiff and constricting.
The extra stretch means i can…pretend I can Van Dam [sic] roundhouse w/o constraints.

So, there you have it. The junk-accommodating jeans can be purchased here.

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