Dad Notices Son’s Chocolate Santa Looks Remarkably Phallic

U.K. dad tweets out his concern to Cadbury about their Kris Kringle treat

December 13, 2016

The shape and general look of Santa Claus has been well-established over the years. However, it seems every year some company still jazzes up Kris Kringle with their own interpretive flourishes.

Late last week, U.K. dad Colin Talbot tweeted out a photo of his son holding a Cadbury chocolate Santa Claus, which when turned to the side, very much resembled a straight-up phallus. Take a look (below).

Photo: Twitter

“Hi @CadburyUK, my little lad loves your chocolate but I think your chocolate Santa Claus cast needs some work!!!” Talbon tweeted.

Evidently, this isn’t Cadbury’s first foray into penis-shaped chocolates and moreover, it isn’t even the first incident of chocolate Santas looking not quite right, as Lindt has also reportedly been guilty of turning Father Christmas “disturbingly phallic.”

Read more about the story here.

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