Finally, The Best Sex Positions for Men With a Micropenis

Cosmo releases a handy guide for those who may not be packing much heat

December 15, 2016
Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The term “micropenis” refers to rare condition in which a man’s member measures two-and-three-fourths inches when erect. For those with a short wick on their crotch candle, sexual intercourse can be a sensitive affair.

Thanks to a recently published Cosmopolitan article, however, those dark days may be a thing of the past.

“5 Satisfying Positions to Try When Your Partner Has a Micropenis” offers advice for those looking do a lot with a little, assuring readers that “these positions will keep it hot with your differently hung dude.” The five outlined positions come complete with animated visual aids and tantalizing names like “Rock and Grind,” “The Double Down,” and “The Lapping Dog.” More importantly, they promise to enable a person to derive maximum pleasure from sex with someone who has an itsy bitsy teenie weenie.

Take a look at the handy guide here.

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