Study Reveals Vinyl Buyers Are Middle-Aged Loners

YouGov research sheds a predictable light on the LP-purchasing public

August 11, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Don’t tell resident Stern Show vinyl collector Gary Dell’Abate, but a UK study revealed that modern record buyers may not be the lives of any party.

YouGov, a UK market research company, recently ran a study on the demographics of 2016 vinyl shoppers. The recent vinyl comeback has placed LPs onto the shelves of Urban Outfitters, Barnes and Noble, and even Whole Foods, but YouGov reports the market demand is being driven by the same old customers.

In results that can only be described as wildly predictable, the study showed the majority of vinyl buyers are music obsessed, slightly reclusive, and between the ages of 45 and 54. Other notable stats reveal that 66 percent of vinyl buyers say they could not get through day without music, 56 percent are likely to keep their feelings to themselves, and 69 percent just straight-up enjoy being alone.

Read more on the study over at YouGov.

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