Philadelphia Begs Residents to Stop Swimming in Dumpsters

Mayor's office issues stern warning after “dumpster pool” photos surface online

A photo of Philly's infamous dumpster poolA photo of Philly's infamous dumpster poolPhoto: Facebook

The City of Brotherly Love has some words of wisdom for its residents: stop swimming in dumpsters.

Philadelphia's mayor's office issued a stern letter earlier this week asking its citizens to stop filling dumpsters with fire hydrant water in order to turn them into swimming pools. The advice comes just days after photos of a local "dumpster pool" block party surfaced online.

"In view of the City's commitment to public health, safety and basic common sense, we will not issue permits for block party dumpster pools," writes the mayor's office communication director Karen Guss. "And while you would think this decision would not require an explanation, three days of press requests have proven otherwise."

The letter goes on to list several reasons why dumpster pools are a bad idea, considering they're both bad for the environment and potentially dangerous. However, the city refrains from outright calling it tacky.

If you haven't seen the Cedar Street Block Party in all of its glory, here's one picture that not only shows a great shot of a dumpster pool but also features a bystander wearing a Koopa Troopa shell backpack:

A little dumpster pool action #cedarstreetblockparty

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