VIDEO: ‘Walking Dead’ Star’s Celebrity Impressions Go Viral

Ross Marquand nails everything from Brad Pitt in “Jaws” to Christopher Walken in “The Sixth Sense”

March 22, 2017

Ever wonder how many Oscars “Titanic” would’ve won if John Malkovich had played Rose? Well, “Walking Dead” star Ross Marquand has offered us a glimpse of that alternate reality.

In a video segment for Esquire called “Casting Remix With Ross Marquand” (above), Ross—who plays Aaron on AMC’s hit zombie drama—delivers impressions of actors starring in iconic movies that were not their own.

Highlights include Brad Pitt in “Jaws,” James Gandolfini in “The Godfather,” and John C. Reilly in “Taxi Driver.”

Marquand does a solid Christopher Walken in “The Sixth Sense,” too, though it’s hard to compete with Dana Carvey’s latest Stern Show appearance, when he impersonated Walken opening a jar of peanut butter (below).
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