VIDEO: Wonder Woman Shields Bullets, Kicks Dude Through Wall in ‘Rise of the Warrior’ Trailer

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine star in the DC Comics film, in theaters June 2

May 8, 2017

Warner Bros. dropped a new trailer for “Wonder Woman,” starring Gal Gadot and recent Stern Show staffer-attended “Saturday Night Live” host Chris Pine.

Called “Rise of the Warrior,” this final trailer lays out the film’s World War I-set plot while intercutting with slow-motion action set pieces. We begin with Wonder Girl Diana Prince as a child getting tucked into bed by her mother Antiope (Robin Wright) before scenes of grown Wonder Woman’s Gadot sprinting into literal battle, shield in hand, staving off a barrage of bullets. Before long, Pine’s Steve Trevor washes up on the shores on Diana’s home of Themyscira and the two begin a fish-out-of-water-type journey to keep World War I from becoming much, much worse.

“Wonder Woman” will be Gadot’s second appearance as the iconic DC Comics character after her stint in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” That film’s follow-up, “Justice League” is set to be released in November.

Check out the trailer for “Rise of the Warrior” (above) and check it out in theaters June 2.

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