Amazon Echo’s New Wake Word Is ‘Computer’

The voice-activated system's new built-in command is a gift for Star Trek fans

January 24, 2017
Photo: Amazon

If you’ve ever wanted to talk to your Amazon Echo like Captain James T. Kirk talks to the Starship Enterprise, you’re in luck!

Amazon will soon be unleashing a new way to wake up your Amazon Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers — by saying, “Computer.” Joining the default “Alexa,” “Amazon,” and “Echo” voice-activations, the new command allows Star Trek fans to suitably geek out in the comfort of their own home. This new development fulfills the promise made by Amazon’s initial pitch for the Echo as “a Star Trek computer for your home.”

While the new feature isn’t available just yet, Amazon claims a software update is on the way. The switch will be able to be made via the Alexa app in the “Settlings” menu.

Read more about the Echo’s Trekie-friendly update here. To find out how to make your Alexa “Hit ‘Em with the Hein,” click here.

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