VIDEO: Tom Hardy Flips Out in First ‘Venom’ Teaser

Upcoming “Spider-Man” spinoff teases a bit of everything—except the Marvel villain himself

February 8, 2018

Tom Hardy runs the gamut from sulking to frenzied in the newly released teaser for “Venom,” Sony’s upcoming solo spinoff about Spider-Man’s most infamous archenemy.

The British actor stars as Eddie Brock, a character who—in the Marvel comics at least—gets attacked and pretty much consumed by a powerful alien symbiote which feeds off his anger and desperation and eventually turns him into a monster of sorts with fangs as well as superpowers that rival Spider-Man’s.

In the teaser (above), however, we don’t see any of that manifest quite yet. Instead, viewers get a voiceover monologue about a vague accident which left an increasingly angry Hardy in the hospital as well as brief glimpses of the alien symbiote before it has “bonded” with a host.

“Venom,” directed by Ruben Fleischer and co-starring Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, and Jenny Slate, swings into theaters on Oct. 5.

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