VIDEO: Tom Hardy Flips Out in First 'Venom' Teaser

Upcoming “Spider-Man” spinoff teases a bit of everything—except the Marvel villain himself

Tom Hardy runs the gamut from sulking to frenzied in the newly released teaser for “Venom,” Sony’s upcoming solo spinoff about Spider-Man’s most infamous archenemy.

The British actor stars as Eddie Brock, a character who—in the Marvel comics at least—gets attacked and pretty much consumed by a powerful alien symbiote which feeds off his anger and desperation and eventually turns him into a monster of sorts with fangs as well as superpowers that rival Spider-Man's.

In the teaser (above), however, we don’t see any of that manifest quite yet. Instead, viewers get a voiceover monologue about a vague accident which left an increasingly angry Hardy in the hospital as well as brief glimpses of the alien symbiote before it has “bonded” with a host.

“Venom,” directed by Ruben Fleischer and co-starring Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, and Jenny Slate, swings into theaters on Oct. 5.