VIDEO: Ronnie ‘the Limo Driver’ Mund Argues With a Caller Over How Bugattis Are Built

“I’ve never heard someone on the radio know less about cars than Ronnie the Limo Driver” Frank from Florida suggests

June 7, 2019

Friend of the Stern Show Tracy Morgan was involved in a minor car accident earlier this week, according to reports. The entertainer thankfully wasn’t injured in the ordeal, but the crash may have damaged the $2 million 2012 Bugatti Veyron he had reportedly just purchased.

Howard wondered on Wednesday why even a luxury vehicle might command such a hefty price tag, so he brought in his limo driver Ronnie Mund, the Stern Show’s resident car expert, for a discussion.

“The car is handmade. It’s not like it goes to an assembly line,” Ronnie explained on the air. “They bolt out the body, everything …They’re making the seats, you know, everything … It’s special leather and it comes from special cows.”

But at least one Stern Show listener begged to differ. “I’ve never heard someone on the radio know less about cars than Ronnie the Limo Driver. He’s just clueless,” Frank from Florida called in to say.

“You are so full of shit, dude,” Ronnie countered.

Frank didn’t back down. He also suggested Ronnie had mislead Howard and co-host Robin Quivers by implying someone was hand-crafting each Bugatti part like some kind of “Game of Thrones” blacksmith. “They’re hand built … but no one’s banging out a fender,” the caller said.

That’s when Fred Norris chimed in with his findings. “These cars are hand-built. These cars take at least a month to make them,” he said. “They’re not forging this stuff. However, they’re assembling it by hand.”

“And that’s what I said, moron!” Ronnie told the caller. “I said they mold out the body, you jerkoff.”

Regardless of who was right, Howard was fascinated by Ronnie’s exuberance over the subject. “Why did JD cancel your car show?” he asked, referring to staffer JD Harmeyer’s infamous 2009 decision to pull Ronnie’s show off the air. “This is the most fun thing ever.”

Watch more of the exchange in the video (above) and get an actual look at how Bugatti Veyrons are manufactured (below).

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