Andy Cohen Contemplated Sneaking Into the Stern Show Studio to Sit in Howard’s Chair

“I was very titillated, but I also knew that I’d be fired immediately,” the Andy Cohen Live host tells Howard

June 14, 2021
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Andy Cohen called into the show Monday morning and revealed he was itching to sit on the King of All Media’s throne. The subject arose when Howard told co-host Robin Quivers he’d caught wind of a recent “Andy Cohen Live” episode. The Bravo star and radio host had apparently just returned to broadcasting at SiriusXM headquarters, and he was shocked to see how many employees were still working from home. He then revealed he had a hankering to break into the Stern Show studio, “fish around” in Howard’s office, and even sit in his chair.

“I just want to see what it feels like,” Andy said in a clip Howard played on Monday.

Howard could hardly believe what he’d heard. “I think COVID scrambled up his brain,” he joked, adding, “The only thing you’d find in [our office] was Gary [Dell’Abate’s] secret stash of plantains.”

Andy called in a few minutes later and came clean about his burning desire to raid the studio. “I wanted to walk around and see what I’d find. I was very titillated, but I also knew that I’d be fired immediately, so it was a dance I was doing with myself in my brain,” he said.

“I could have somebody let you in so you could look around, but it’s boring. There’s not really anything to see,” Howard insisted.

To Andy’s mind, however, that was beside the point. “It’s a sacred space. If JD [Harmeyer] was at [David] Letterman’s studio one day and it was empty, he would want to sit in the chair and see what that felt like,” he said. “It’s an iconic place in pop culture. I want to see your view. I want to see your vantage point.”

“I’d like to sit in Robin’s chair as well,” he added.

Howard saw Andy’s point. “Now that you say it, I understand what your curiosity would be,” he said. “Although my office is barren … I don’t have any memorabilia, anything personal in there. Maybe some pictures of my kids. That’s it.”

Speaking of kids, their conversation was quickly interrupted by background noise at Andy’s house as he struggled to chat with Howard while getting his two-year-old son Benjamin ready for school.

“I am coming off from three days alone with Ben,” Andy told Howard. “I’m literally going out of my mind.”

Howard and Robin could hardly believe what had become of their friend, who they recalled was once attending multiple parties each night. “The guy had a life,” Howard joked. “[But then] he had to have a kid.”

Andy said that life was largely behind him now. “Ask me what I did Saturday night. I was home,” he lamented.

Howard felt for his longtime guest, who then cut their call short to take Ben to school. “I love you guys,” he said, adding, “I’ll see you in your studio.”

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