Who Should Play Robin Quivers in an Upcoming TV Documentary?

“I’m too old to play myself [or] I’d put myself up,” the Stern Show co-host says

June 7, 2022

Robin Quivers revealed some exciting news on Tuesday morning when she told Howard and their listeners that someone might soon be portraying her in an upcoming documentary.

“A friend of mine is in the casting industry … so she gets these alerts … and she sent one to me because I’m being cast for some History Channel documentary,” Robin said, explaining she’d be featured in a segment of the doc, which was reportedly about “rebels.” “I thought it was hysterical,” she added of the development. “I was like what in the world is happening in my life if they’re casting somebody to play me?”

Robin was also curious who might get the gig. “I’m too old to play myself [or] I’d put myself up. They want me in my 30s or something,” she said.

Howard had a few ideas. “I’ve got the person: Zendaya,” he said. “She would do a great Robin Quivers.”

“Well, I hope she gets the message,” Robin laughed.

Howard’s suggestions didn’t stop there. He also pitched “Sex/Life” star Sarah Shahi, past Stern Show guests Jennifer Hudson and Jada Pinkett Smith, “Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown, and not one but two actresses who famously starred as Catwoman, Halle Berry and Zoe Kravitz.

“I was thinking Zoe Kravitz,” Robin agreed. “Surely she could play me.”

Thinking back on people who’d portrayed her in the past, Robin recalled being played by everyone from “SNL” alum Ellen Cleghorne to legendary comedian Dave Chappelle, who got into character as Robin on an old MTV sketch.

Finally, Howard pitched superstar singer and actress Beyoncé. “She’d jump at the chance to play you,” he assured Robin.

But Robin was unconvinced. “She’s a busy woman,” she concluded.

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