Howard Announces Bradley Cooper as His 2024 Running Mate

“He’s a real patriot and a great raccoon,” the presidential hopeful says of the award-winning actor

June 29, 2022

Howard’s 2024 presidential bid took another exhilarating turn Wednesday morning when he revealed a friend of the Stern Show and big time Hollywood star had just agreed to be his running mate.

“I have some exciting news I’d like to share with you,” he told listeners. “Early this morning I was texting back and forth with someone [about my candidacy] … This person texted me and said, ‘I want to congratulate you,’ and ‘You have my vote.’”

“It was a very lovely conversation,” Howard continued. “I said, ‘How would you feel about being my vice president?’ You know what he said? ‘Done.’”

Co-host Robin Quivers could hardly contain herself as Howard kept her in suspense about his selection. “This guy is going to bring in the female vote like you wouldn’t believe,” Howard told her. “My vice president … Bradley Cooper.”

“What? Get out of here! He said he wants to be vice president?” Robin marveled. “Does he know what he’s saying yes to?”

It’s no secret Robin is a big fan of the Oscar-nominated star of films ranging from “Silver Linings Playbook” and “A Star Is Born” to the “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Avengers” franchises where he voices a raccoon superhero named Rocket.

“Well, let me just say one thing. When Ronald Reagan decided to run for president they said, ‘That’s a guy who acted with a chimp,’ and now we’re going to have a guy who played a raccoon,” Robin laughed.

“He’s a real patriot and a great raccoon,” Howard agreed.

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