VIDEO: Sal Governale Wants to Feed Seagulls From His Rear in Miami

Howard and the Stern Show staff discuss their upcoming trip to Vice City

April 25, 2023

Vice City is about to get a bit more colorful. On Monday, Howard announced the Stern Show would be helping open SiriusXM’s brand-new studios in Miami next week, and staffers are already coming up with big plans for the special occasion.

Perhaps most outrageous, Sal Governale told Howard he’s been researching feeding the local wildlife in a rather unorthodox way. “I wanted to line French fries up, Howard, in the crack of my ass and like line up six or seven and see how many seagulls will eat,” the bird lover noted before revealing he’s already consulted with an expert. “He said, ‘You might just get a few scratches … you won’t get hurt.’”

Co-host Robin Quivers wasn’t convinced. “They’re not just going to choose the bread — you think they’ve got that much accuracy?” she warned. “They’re going to be pecking around.”

“These birds might think Sal’s cock is a worm and eat that,” Howard agreed.

In a less risky move, Jon Blitt said he wants to take JD Harmeyer Speedo shopping, but his co-worker immediately shot it down. “It’s not happening,” he insisted. “I don’t need a Speedo, dude.”

“Trust me, when you get it on right, and it’s the right size, you’re going to love your body,” Blitt countered.

The Stern Show broadcasts live from Miami beginning May 1 on Howard 100.