‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Gets a Psychic Reading From Sal Governale

“I’m a little blown away,” reality television presenter tells the Stern Show staffer at one point

November 6, 2023

When “Survivor” host Jeff Probst agreed to get a blind psychic reading from Sal Governale, he might not have known what he was getting into. But in audio played Monday morning, he was immediately impressed when the Stern Show staffer and spiritual believer spouted off things true to his life — including that he grew up in Kansas along with some key facts about his father.

“I’m a little blown away,” Jeff told Sal in a disguised voice. “You knew that I grew up in the Midwest and exactly the state that I grew up in … my dad did have an executive-type job, he did wear a suit, and he did carry a briefcase.”

Howard was less impressed, especially when Sal brought up Jeff’s father’s inability to express love. “Nobody’s father did,” he told his staffer.

At another point, Sal had a vision that Jeff has a close relationship with his own daughter. “You continue to amaze me — I would agree with that,” the host noted.

However, the amateur psychic was off the mark when he said he saw a “wedge” in the subject’s relationship with his wife and that he needs to understand her more. “That does not ring true in how you’re presenting it,” Jeff responded. “Things are really good, but maybe you know what’s coming.”

After hearing Sal later admit he didn’t have a gift, Howard finally agreed with him. “Sal has no gifts … his gift is being a moron,” he joked of his staffer.