Howard Goes Live for a Birthday Surprise Show on SiriusXM

Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Courteney Cox, and more help celebrate Howard's 70th

January 14, 2024


Howard unexpectantly went live on SiriusXM on Saturday night alongside his pals Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Courteney Cox, his wife Beth, and his friend since grade school, Dr. Lew Weinstein. The gang had all gathered at Howard’s home to celebrate him turning 70 this week.

“Happy birthday, Howard!” Fallon said on the air at the beginning of the broadcast.

Howard joked about the two Jimmies being late-night rivals seeing as their TV shows compete against one another on different networks. The hosts however have become close friends thanks in part to Howard and Beth Stern.

“Beth and I compliment each other all the time because we feel we’re the reason you two guys are together,” Howard told his guests.

“You kind of are,” Kimmel confirmed.

“I love Jimmy Kimmel,” Fallon added. “I get mistaken for Jimmy Kimmel maybe three times a day and I’m happy that it’s him that I get mistaken for because he’s a good guy.”

Fallon and Kimmel even prepared a birthday gift for Howard — a live performance of a “Piano Man” parody song they wrote together aptly titled “Penis Man.”

“Apologies to Billy Joel,” the two sang to close out their duet.

“That is a beautiful, beautiful song. Thank you, boys,” Howard said with a laugh.

When Courteney made her way to the microphone, she was asked to give a word of advice to everyone listening.

“No one is better at giving a toast at a dinner than Courteney,” Kimmel said.

“This isn’t a birthday speech,” Courteney prefaced before sharing her message to everyone listening. “What do I think is important to say to people, all my fans? I think it would be learn to say no.”

Toward the end of the surprise show, Howard’s childhood friend Dr. Lew came on the air to share some stories of growing up with the boy who would eventually become the King of All Media.

“This is the guy who knows me the most in the world,” Howard said of Dr. Lew. “Poor Lew. I said, ‘You’re gonna shit your pants if I put you on the air.’”

“We got along. And the first year we met at camp, the next year we were in the same bunk,” Lew explained. “The other guys in the bunk were so pathetic.”

Even back then, Howard could make Lew and the rest of the campers laugh, including while talking about his small penis.

“Was Howard always like that? Very honest with you?” Kimmel asked.

“Yeah, I would say,” Lew answered with a smile.

Howard and Lew remained close even as they entered college. They both attended Boston University and wound up becoming roommates. Howard recalled the night he had a horrible LSD trip that could’ve been a lot worse had Lew not been there.

“Lew really did save my life,” Howard said before detailing how badly he was hallucinating while sitting in their dorm room. “I was losing my mind … Lew walked me down to the Charles River in Boston and sat there with me all night until I came down. I was fucking scared out of my mind. If I hadn’t had him there, I would’ve lost my mind.”

“The alternative was not good. I would’ve had to get a new roommate,” Lew joked.

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