VIDEO: JD Now Has a Fancy Producer Title … and So Does Everyone Else on the Staff

Plus, Wolfie and Memet Walker's rivalry grows heated in the wake of the Tom Arnold special

February 27, 2024

The compliments kept rolling in Tuesday for Stern Show producer Memet Walker, whose recent Tom Arnold special was a big hit with colleagues ranging from executive producer Gary Dell’Abate to Howard himself. While Memet should’ve been thrilled by his package’s reception, he conceded he was more focused on all the recent praise given to Wolfie, another highly regarded Stern Show producer and field correspondent. Howard had plenty of thoughts on the growing rivalry between Wolfie and Memet, but before opening that can of worms he couldn’t help but notice nearly everyone on his staff — from Gary and Richard Christy to Jonathan Blitt and JD Harmeyer — seemed to have “producer” in their title.

“Who isn’t a producer?” co-host Robin Quivers laughed. “Because there’s gotta be somebody who they’re telling what to do, right?”

Despite having recently been elevated to the rank of Senior Media Producer, JD didn’t know what to make of his job title. “I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t run this place,” he told Howard with a laugh, explaining he’s been a producer ever since getting hired on after his internship. “Will [Murray] gave me the title media producer, and I just took it and ran with it.”

“You have really risen up the ranks for someone so limited,” Howard laughed. “I love it. I like to see this kid achieve.”

Getting back to the two sparring producers, Howard revealed that there was more to Memet’s Tom Arnold embedded special than had been heard on the air Monday. According to Wolfie, who called Tom up for a follow-up interview, Memet was complaining when the microphones were off about everything from his commute into work to how much it frustrated him when people rejected his brilliant ideas.

“He does believe he’s the best thing on the show. I mean, he said that,” Arnold told Woflie, adding that he also wondered at one time whether Memet was in the Wack Pack.

“I love that Memet went out to interview Tom Arnold, and now it’s been turned around to what did Tom Arnold learn about Memet,” Howard laughed.

Wolfie and Memet exchanged insults on Tuesday's Stern Show Wolfie and Memet exchanged insults on Tuesday’s Stern Show

Memet told Howard he wasn’t at all surprised by the backlash. “I knew this was coming, too, because all weekend people were buttering my ass about how good of a job I did,” he said. “Now, the knives are out. I knew Wolfie wasn’t going to like that and would have to go behind my back and pull some shit like this.”

“When you’re the best at something, there’s a target on your back,” Memet added.

Wolfie, for his part, wondered how professional it was to complain about your job to the subject you’re interviewing. “When I go to Fist Fest I’m not talking to guys about my commute. I’m there to cover the event.

“When you go to Fist Fest I’m not calling the guy with the fisted asshole and asking what you did wrong on the interviews — but I’m going to start doing that,” Memet retorted.

Howard couldn’t understand why Memet felt so threatened. “Why do you have to compete with Wolfie? Why do you have to be the number one guy?” he asked, adding, “You gotta take a deep breath and calm down. Wolfie’s not the enemy. You’re not in competition with Wolfie, you’re in competition with yourself,”

Howard then asked Memet to say just one thing nice about his co-worker Wolfie.

“He’s good at what he does. It’s just, I’m better,” Memet responded. “He’s very good at something anyone would be good at [who has] a microphone.”

Robin vehemently disagreed. “When Wolfie is embedded, he’s with [people like] Bigfoot. That’s combat duty. That’s being in a war zone,” she said, adding, “This is supposed to be a team, and you should reward and congratulate your fellow teammates when they do something great.”

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