VIDEO: Howard and the Staff Reflect on the Solar Eclipse as Well as Chris Wilding’s Protective Glasses

“It was cool for five minutes,” executive producer Gary Dell’Abate says of the eclipse, “It made [me] tired”

April 9, 2024
Photo: VCG via Getty Images

The sun was back to its regular ways on Wednesday morning, and so was Howard as he shared his reaction to Tuesday’s solar eclipse, playing clips of melodramatic news coverage as well as celebs like William Shatner waxing poetic about the unusual astronomical occurrence.

“For everyone who thought it was going to be a life-changing event,” Howard said. “Nothing about your life is different now, except you wasted time.”

Stern Show staffer Chris Wilding had originally planned to skip the solar eclipse but changed his mind at the last minute. “I had like F.O.M.O.—you know, fear of missing out,” Chris told Howard, adding, “I thought it was nice that people actually came together for something that wasn’t horrible.”

Hoping to safely view the eclipse, Chris ordered protective glasses (and Red Bull) via Uber Eats at the very last minute. “Look at the time we live in,” he said. “We have an eclipse, we can get glasses delivered to our door—it’s fucking awesome.”

Executive producer Gary Dell’Abate partook in the viewing as well. “It was cool for five minutes,” he said, adding, “It made [me] tired. It’s still a strain on your eyes, even with the glasses.”

Even more disappointing, Gary said, was what onlookers did with their glasses after the solar eclipse ended: “I’m walking to work today, and all these glasses are on the ground.”

Howard was disgusted. “That’s so irresponsible,” he said. “Think about the irony … [People] are like, ‘Wow, the Earth is so cool,’ and [then they’re] like now let’s fuck it up and litter and throw these glasses down on the ground.”

Longtime Stern Show favorite Suzanne “Underdog” Muldowney, meanwhile, thought the eclipse was no big deal — though she was excited to chat about it with Wilding, one of her favorite staffers.

“Where have you been all these months? Had you lost my number or something?” Underdog asked Chris before assuring him the eclipse was not a harbinger of the apocalypse. “There have been solar and lunar eclipses for eons without any ill after-effects,” she concluded.

“Good for her, I’m proud of her,” Howard said.

“She’s making sense,” co-host Robin Quivers agreed.