Verne Troyer and Chyna Doll to Visit the Stern Show

January 5, 2005

Howard finished watching the new episode of the Surreal Life from Mark Cronin and said it was really good. The stand-out-stars in his mind so far are Chyna Doll and Verne Troyer (Mini Me). They are both scheduled to come in this Friday but everyone feels Chyna won’t show up.

Gary said she’s impossible to get a hold of and never returns any messages. There were also some reports that she may have been arrested on New Year’s Day, so no one really knows what’s up with her.

Howard played Chyna singing on the show from her last appearance and tried to interpret her lyrics. In the song, Chyna seems to be mad at the married guy she was dating because he had to spend the holidays with his family. Then, Artie accidentally called her “Gyna” and Howard thought it was so funny that he might start calling her that from now on.

Howard said the other really funny character on the show is Verne Troyer, who got drunk off a couple beers and then stripped down and ran around the house naked.

After running around for a while, Verne started peeing on the carpet and then fell asleep naked on one of the other guys in the house. They had to put him to bed like he was a little kid and then he started making weird noises. Howard said he can’t wait for those guys to come on the show.