Violent Gas Warnings

January 20, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A caller named Eddie wanted to find out more about Howard’s sleeping problems because he was having problems of his own. Howard wasn’t sure what this guy was talking about since he doesn’t have any sleeping problems. Eddie said he was referring to the times that Howard has talked about how he sometimes screams and cries out in his sleep. Howard said that this might be Beth O’s problem because it wakes her up, but not his. He said that if no one told him about what he did in his sleep he would never know. So, as far as he’s concerned it’s not a problem. On top of that, Howard said it’s not like it happens that often either. Eddie said that one of his sleeping problems is sleep walking and wanted to know if Howard had ever done that. Howard said he hadn’t but Robin thought that she was pretty sure that he once had. Howard said she must be confusing him with Fred, who sleepwalks through the show. Eddie said that sometimes he gets violent in his sleep and one time woke up to find himself pushing his girlfriend’s head into her pillow. It almost cost him his relationship and that is why he’s trying to find out how Howard deals with his sleeping problems. Howard reminded the guy once more that he does not have sleeping problems. Howard did say that he once had violent farts in his sleep, but that was the closest he’d ever come to anything like that. Beth told him that he started farting so violently that it woke her up. Eddie asked if Howard’s psychiatrist has ever addressed his sleeping problems and if so, what did he tell him? Howard yelled again that he does not have any sleeping problems! Realizing that Howard doesn’t have sleep problems, Eddie changed the subject and told Artie that he didn’t like his Fu-Manchu mustache which he saw on the E! show last night. Artie said he likes it and plans on keeping it. Howard apologized to Eddie for Artie not being hot enough for him anymore. Don’t forget to visit to purchase his new comedy DVD “It’s the Whiskey Talking”!