Motley Crue: The Return of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll

March 2, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The band Motley Crue came in to promote their new album, “Red, White and Crue”. Actually, the entire band didn’t show up because Tommy Lee wasn’t here. However, the rest of the guys, Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil and Mick Mars had more than enough great stories to make up for Lee’s absence. First and foremost, they met Heidi and Annette and Annette flashed her top for them. Mick, who suffers from a disease where his bones fuse together over time, was able to swing his neck around to look at Heidi (even though he had just said he couldn’t move his neck).

After that, we started learning a little bit about the band. When the band was first starting out, Nikki tried to hit on Tommy Lee’s mom. Nikki said she was a MILF and he did try to go after her. He said Tommy didn’t mind and to this day jokingly calls Nikki Papa. Nikki’s mom had a pretty wild life too. She was a back up singer for Frank Sinatra and dated Richard Pryor. Howard was really interested in the Pryor thing, but Nikki said he was six-years-old and didn’t remember much about it. He said he can’t remember 1986, let alone when he was six-years-old. Nikki is married to Donna D’Errico and said she really digs Howard. Donna was on the show once and talked about having a threesome with Nikki. The only problem was they weren’t sure if the girl they were with at the time was a girl or not. Nikki said that wasn’t true and they found out for sure she was a girl the next day. Nikki is about the only guy in Crue who doesn’t have his own porn video out. Tommy Lee is in the one with Pamela Anderson and Vince Neil is in one with Janine Lindemulder. Howard said all he remembers about the Vince Neil tape is that you see way too much of his ass in it. Mick told a wild story of once, accidentally, shooting his manager’s girlfriend in the stomach. She didn’t die and amazingly, all Mick had to do was pay a $10,000 fine. Howard said it was really great to talk to a band that had really lived the rock and roll lifestyle, with all the booze, drugs and women. Bands today don’t seem to embrace that way of life anymore.