A Digitized Life

March 9, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard talked a little about how he can’t get into the whole Ipod/MP3 player thing. He doesn’t understand why people need to be constantly with music.

Artie said he loves to listen to his Ipod when he’s jogging but Howard said when he runs he doesn’t like to be distracted by music. He said he likes to be aware of his environment and body, not a song.

Gary Dell’Abate said the worst offender of the MP3 age is Vice President of CBS Late Night Programming East Coast, Vinnie Favale. Gary said that Vinnie has about 60,000 songs ripped and stored on his computer at home.

Howard laughed and said that Vinnie’s ass must be really gross – all flat and full of cellulite – because he sits on it all day and works on stuff like that.

Gary said that it goes beyond music with Vinnie because he’s in the process of digitizing all his DVD’s into a new $12,000 DVD player he bought. The new player will allow him to access any of his movies from any room in the house, although Gary doesn’t understand why Vinnie just can’t carry a DVD from room to room.

Vinnie called in and said all of this was true, sort of. He said he has over 100,000 songs on his computer and over 2000 DVD’s he’s currently putting into that DVD player, and he plans on digitizing everything else in his life, like all of his books.

Howard laughed and said Vinnie wastes countless hours on digitizing all this stuff but if he died tomorrow that computer would probably be thrown out and forgotten about.