Welcome Former Miss America, Vanessa Williams

March 23, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Former Miss America, Vanessa Williams, stopped by today to promote some of her new projects. She’s in a new film called “My Brother” and has a new album out in stores called “Everlasting Love”. Robin wanted to know if it was true that the Miss America Pageant had recently asked her to perform on the show after they took her crown away several years ago for appearing nude in Penthouse. Vanessa said they did, but she turned them down for obvious reasons. Vanessa is currently going through a divorce from her second husband, former Los Angeles Laker Rick Fox (who Robin thinks is cute).

Rick told her last year that he wasn’t the marrying kind of guy so they decided to split up. Artie said all you have to do is hear that a guy plays in the NBA and you know he’s not the marrying kind. Vanessa still loves Rick and because she was horny and hadn’t had sex since August, decided to sleep with him again over Christmas. She hasn’t had sex since and said that her and Rick didn’t make a big deal over their holiday fliing. Howard asked her if she is seeing anyone now and she said she wasn’t, but whoever she does date in the future has to realize that she has four kids. Vanessa said her kids are coping fairly well with the divorce, except for her 11-year-old who is taking it really hard because he idolized Rick. Hooknose Mike called in to say that Vanessa was a total MILF (Mom I’d Like to F) and asked her if she only dated celebrities or if she was open to dating regular guys. Artie said Vanessa likes to date “anti-Semitic unknowns” like him. Vanessa laughed.