Wheelchair Doesn’t Slow Down His Love of Sex and Skydiving

March 25, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A guy in a wheel chair, named Stephen, unexpectedly stopped by the studio today to talk about the government’s handling of the Terri Schiavo case. Stephen lost the use of his legs during a skydiving accident and is furious that the government is spending so much time to try to “save” Schiavo’s life while they outlaw the stem cell research that could help him.

Howard wanted to know why he was skydiving in the first place and said he can’t understand why anyone skydives. Stephen said he never feels more alive than when he skydives and still does it, even in his paraplegic state. He hurt himself when he hit a cable attached to a circus tent. Stephen said he hit the cable because he was too busy trying to check out a hot chick he saw on the ground. Stephen said he was extremely angry at the government for their stance on stem cell research and detailed how he’s going to be flying to China soon for some experimental stem cell procedures that could help cure him slightly. He said it infuriated him to no end that he has to leave the United States of America to do this because the procedure is illegal here.

Howard said that someone should hold a march in Washington DC over stem cell research and people should be demanding one immediately. Stephen said there is already one scheduled for April 12th and Howard joked that of course there is, it was his idea. Moving on to more serious issues, Howard wanted to know if Stephen was able to have sex in his condition. Stephen said he was, he just has to inject his penis with something to get him aroused. Howard said we’ll have to book Stephen over at SIRIUS so he can talk about that in more details. For information on the April 4th rally check out http://www.cureparalysisnow.org/