Cliff Palate Calls In to the Show

March 31, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Cliff Palate, the fan with a cleft palate, called in today to say something but at first no one could really understand what he was saying. Howard thought he was talking about some sort of welfare reform but Robin finally figured out he was asking about Howard’s Farewell Tour. Cliff wanted to know if Howard would make his way to Dallas and Howard said he absolutely would. He said his plan for the tour would have him traveling around the country in a bus or RV, going from town to town and hanging out with the fans. Howard said he’d love to start with a few hot girls on his bus and then pick up more along the way.

Gary jokingly said that, knowing Howard, the first time he had to make a #2 the tour would come to an end – Howard didn’t disagree with that. Howard said he could work that out though. He did say that a ton of people are offering their services for the tour, including Playboy who offered to house the tour for a night at the Playboy Mansion when it gets to LA. One of our biggest sponsors in Albany, NY offered to let Howard and the show use his 14 acre property when the tour makes it’s way up there. Howard said he’s really excited about the idea of the tour although he hasn’t thought it all the way through yet. All he knows is that he just wants to let the fans follow the tour around and have tailgate-style cookouts with different themes very night.

Cliff started mumbling something else and Howard asked him why his parents never corrected his condition when he was a kid? Cliff said there were money issues for his family back then. Howard said that maybe we could pay for the surgery but Cliff said he didn’t really want it at this point anyway.