Tabitha Stevens Is Making a Return to Porn

March 31, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Porn Star Tabitha Stevens came in today to show off her bleached rectum and to announce that she is making her long awaited return to porn movies. Tabitha said that her fans have been hounding for a long time now to get back into porn so she’s going to do one more movie. Howard asked her if she’s going to do guys and girls in the film and Tabitha said she was going to do everything in this one. Tabitha said that in the movie she play a sex Shaman who lives in a cave. Apparently Tabitha is a method actress because she’s planning on fasting for four days and nights just like her character does in the movie before going on her sexually odyssey. She explained more of the plot and everyone told her there was just way too much story there for a porn movie. Howard told her that no one watching porn cares if she actually fasted for real or not and Richard Christy told her that he’d just fast forward through those parts anyway. Howard then told Tabitha that acting is pretending to be someone else so she should just pretend to be hungry. Tabitha disagreed though, saying she wants to really feel the hunger. She said she hopes to win an AVN award for her hard work in this movie. Tabitha also revealed that she hung out with her friend Judd Nelson the other night. She said the two of them didn’t have sex but kind of implied that something went on. She also said that she met Andy Dick at a bar and Andy tried to get her to do a threesome with him and a male friend of his but nothing came out of that.

Little White Ring

Tabitha’s return to porn is one of the reasons she decided to bleach her rectum. Howard said that Tabitha has already had a ton of work done to her body and wondered how much plastic surgery she’s actually had. Tabitha started to list off a bunch of work she’s had done to her body which includes 6 boob jobs, 3 nose jobs, a nose implant, cheek implants, having fat sucked out of her legs and injected into her face, botox and lip implants. She’s never had liposuction but she wants to. Howard said there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her and couldn’t imagine where she wants to have the fat sucked out.

Tabitha’s newest transformation was to have her rectum bleached but that was done with a cream, not a surgery. She said they had to wax out all the hair back there which hurt a lot but said the cream didn’t hurt at all. She just rubs it in before going to sleep at night and it keeps her ass nice and clean looking. Howard asked her to show off what was going on back there so Tabitha disrobed and bent over for everyone to see. At first Howard was having a hard time seeing anything different back there but then Doug Goodstein shined a flashlight on it for a better look. Tabitha said she’d allow one of the guys here to rub the cream on her to demonstrate how the process works but no one jumped at the chance.

Finally, resident perv Richard Christy volunteered and donned some white medical gloves to do the deed. He put some of the cream on his finger and even he admitted that this was creepy and he had some reservations about doing it. But being the trooper he is he went and applied the cream and then said he was going to sell that glove at Ebay.