Howard Gets the Flu

April 11, 2005
Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Howard said he wasn’t sure if he was going to make it through the show today because he was feeling so bad. He started getting sick on Friday and his whole weekend was ruined by it. Artie said that this was a bad weekend to get sick because it was so beautiful out.

Howard said he knew that and lamented that he had a pretty crappy past few weeks between getting sick and having a root canal and all the problems that came with those. Howard said he couldn’t figure out why he even came in today. Tom Chiusano asked Howard how he got his cold and Howard said he had no idea!

He asked Tom how he got his cancer and Tom said it was from when he got really bad sun burn as a kid. That led a melanoma later in life which eventually turned into cancer. Howard was still goofing on Tom for wanting to know exactly how he got his cold; as if he was supposed to know. Tom said he was just wondering if Howard did anything strange to get the cold. Howard said he was feeling kind of bad, then he got all stressed out putting together his big family trip to Florida. Also, his father and kids were a little under the weather during the trip so the combination of stress and being around germs is probably what did him in. Howard hoped that answered Tom’s question sufficiently enough.